Permanent Cosmetics By Andrea - Company Message

Permanent Cosmetics is a form of tattooing
used to enhance a woman's beauty. 
    Tattooing has been discovered on the skin of Egyptian mummies dating back as far as 2000 B.C. They used a manual method of tattooing known as "Tebori". Since then it has become a mainstay in numerous cultures as a form of expression, right of passage and cosmetic beauty enhancement.
   Permanent Cosmetics can be used to line or fill the lips.  It can correct irregularities in the shape and make them appear fuller. Permanent Eyebrows can be designed and filled in without the worry of daily application or "sweating them off". Permanent Eyeliner lets you wake up with crisp, perfect liner and puts an end to smears and smudges that inevitably happen throughout the day.  Because it is permanent, many women find it convenient to wake up, work out, swim and/or go to work without applying and reapplying makeup.

Is it safe?
    Yes! I use only products which are approved by the FDA.  In addition, handles, needles and other supplies are discarded after use.  There is no risk of cross-contamination of blood or bodily fluids.
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